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Solving the Manager’s Struggle with Wrike Project Management Software


Wrike is one of the more innovative project management software tools around today. It is used as a collaboration platform by high-performance teams of professionals all over the globe. Wrike has had remarkable growth due to its dedication to quality in providing the best solutions for project management and team building for companies of any size. Since its launch in 2007, Wrike has increased productivity and optimized collaboration in numerous companies worldwide.


If you talk about real-time work management for teams, then Wrike is the most recommended solution because of its world class features which empower your teams to be efficient and effective when it comes to producing results. This online project management software beautifully covers all the aspects of the project management lifecycle — from planning and collaboration, to execution, revision, and reporting. Not to mention that it gives users a ton of customization functionalities such as gantt chart software and task management features, plus it integrates with hundreds of other work tools all within a fully secure environment. You will find 24/7 support through multiple channels and in different languages to ensure that your team’s productivity and success are never hindered.

Key Features of Wrike’s Online Tools for Project Management:

  • Work Management tools – allow you to mark off your completed tasks
  • Customizable Dashboards – gives you relevant data as you need it
  • Live Editor – allows for simultaneous writing/collaboration
  • Document Version Control – minimizes confusion when asking “which is the latest version?”
  • Timeline (Gantt chart software) – visualizes your project plan
  • Time & Budget Tracking – helps with tracking billable hours
  • Project & Team Reporting – showcases the right reports to your stakeholders
  • iOS & Android Apps – gives you the ability to work anywhere
  • Proofing & Approval – speeds up your approval system
  • Email & Calendar Synchronization – for unifying your work with your schedule
  • Status & Workflows – for building custom workflows
  • User Groups – for easy communication with large groups
  • Integrations – makes it easier to work with tools you already use
  • Strong Authentication – secures your account
  • Role-Based Access Control – assures that only the right people can access the data
  • Data Center Security and data protection – secures your data
  • 24/7 Support – gives you help whenever you need it

Being a project manager, it becomes tough to manage big teams spread out across the country especially when your project deadlines are tight and the scope of your project is too large. It’s a challenge for a project manager to keep a team on track meeting all the deadlines, meanwhile each team member has tasks that are well-defined and workloads are not overloaded. If you are project manager or managing your team’s output then Wrike is the perfect solution for you to streamline how your team collaborates and organizes its work.

The best part about Wrike’s project management software is that it’s an online tool, which means you can get updates on progress or keep your team informed about deadlines and workloads from anywhere in the world. This software is not just great for managing your task workflow and deadlines but also provides a strong communication channel between team members, which definitely improves the productivity.

Wrike is currently offering four plans (from free to enterprise). Select your plan according to the size of your team and what type of work you do. You can get anything from basic project management features to marketing-specific tools and enterprise-level security all depending on your plan.

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