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How Modern Technology Has Changed


It’s clear to see that today’s society is incredibly different from the one that existed only a few years ago. Dominated by information, we live in a world where technology serves as the main method of communication, whether through radio, mobile technology, television, or the Internet. As a result, these new and continuously developing technologies have permanently revolutionized the way people connect with each other around the world.

In addition to communication, modern technology is also being utilized for new ways to produce more food, provide transportation, and even educate students who are living in remote locations. Businesses have also been able to implement modern technology into their internal processes as a way to level the playing field with larger organizations, including computers, servers, and other digital technology.

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But regardless of any industry, it would be difficult for any company today to be successful without some kind of technology. Even the most non-technical individuals can understand that technology involves a lot more than a desktop and WiFi connection. From tablet computers to smartphones to mobile apps and other cloud-based technology, there is a wide range of technological advancements to keep track of. For businesses, it’s more of a matter of how this technology can be used to profit.



Gaming has grown to become exceedingly popular throughout the past few years, particularly due to the advancements in technology such as wearable devices and innovative gaming consoles and platforms. All over the world, game companies are undeniably close to discovering how to unleash the true potential of the Internet and what it can offer to video games. Some successful game companies have even been able to manage to give consumers the opportunity to play console-quality games, such as Saints Row and Deus Ex, through what is essentially a web browser.

In the past, playing a multiplayer game often meant inviting a group of friends over for at least a few hours. However, nowadays gamers don’t even need to be in the same room together to enjoy some competition. Today gamers have the unique option to compete with other players from around the world at any time of the day.

Take the poker industry, for example, perhaps one of the most innovative industries in gaming today. From what once was only available as a game played in casinos, poker has now taken advantage of the online platform in many ways. From Sit-N-Gos and satellite tournaments to live casino games (which, amazingly connect players to live croupiers), the gamblers among us no longer need to travel to an actual casino to enjoy their favorite games.

In addition to having multiple playability options, technology has also made it possible for gamers to actually broadcast their gaming experience and progress to other gamers and viewers around the world. Live-streaming applications like Twitch and Periscope give gamers the ability to share their gaming experience and communicate with others on their favorite platforms, including XBox Live and computers.


For hundreds of years technology has affected nearly every aspect of our lives. Just think about how much time we spend on our phones, computers, and other devices to communicate, play games, share photos, etc. But as much as our personal lives have changed, the business world has revolutionized itself as well, if not more so. With so many advances in communication and information, technology has drastically changed both the face _and__ _pace of business.

One of the most important aspects of any business is speed. And since computers were introduced in the 20th century, businesses have been even more so at the forefront of technology compared to other industries. However, in order to benefit from this technology, businesses have had to adapt and drastically change their own infrastructure. Computerized flight booking systems and automated check-processing systems are just a couple technologies that have been implemented as business solutions. Computers alone are able to offer businesses a more effective and efficient way of organizing databases and other essential information.

In the past, keeping up to date with the news meant waiting until it was “hot off the press” (literally), but that’s not so much the case anymore. Since the introduction of the Internet, content providers everywhere have been scrambling to discover the most effective way to distribute content to the rest of the world. Beyond Times New Roman text and flashing links, the infrastructure of HTML has improved immensely and has allowed content providers to provide their content in various ways, including social networks, blogs, smartphones, RSS feeds, etc.

Another beneficial aspect that technology has given businesses is the ability to outsource jobs overseas more easily than before, eliminating distance barriers and saving companies between 30 and 70-percent on employment and other business expenses. Even the customer service industry has taken advantage of modern technology, now able to provide support 24/7 thanks to the Internet, social media, and online forums.



Developments in communication and technology have been going hand-in-hand since the beginning of time. With the kind of technology we have available today, like smartphones and the Internet, the science of communication has successfully reached an entirely new level that we once thought would never be possible. Over the years the process of human communication has evolved drastically, from immobile writings on stone to the invention of paper to the culmination of the printing press.

And now with the application of electronic technology, the human race has virtually no distance barrier when it comes to communicating with the world. No longer do we need to wait months at a time to hear a response. With computers and smartphones, the process of sending and receiving messages can happen within a matter of seconds.

Needless to say, the immense amount of knowledge that is accessible by no more than a click of a mouse or finger-swipe on a mobile device has helped improved the quality of communication tremendously. Whether we seek to translate an entire book from one language to another, to learn and better understand unknown words, or acquire information about an unfamiliar topic, the technology we have today allows us to almost effortlessly retrieve this information when needed.



From gadgets like smartphones and wearable tech to online systems such as banking or booking flights, technology is changing the world day by day. Though it’s true that technology has played a significant role in decreasing the costs of global communication, it has also made the world much more accessible at the same time. From online forums to live-streaming news, people have many more ways in which they can stay connected with the rest of the world. In the realm of business, today’s technology provides companies with a competitive advantage, removing barriers to ensure there is a level playing field for all.

As mobile computing continues to rise as a popular trend, this leaves many of us to wonder what will happen next. But regardless of where we go from here, it’s clear to see that technology plays a significant role in our everyday lives, as well as our futures. And as this happens, it may be worth noting we are witnessing the human experience change itself right in front of our eyes.